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audit in a Nutshell

The audit workandfamily (audit berufundfamilie) is the strategic management tool that supports companies and institutions in implementing a sustainable family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. The audit family-friendly university (audit familiengerechte hochschule) is the special instrument for creating family-friendly research and study conditions in universities. The audit is suitable for employers in any branch of industry as well as in various business units.

How does the audit work? And what marks a successful auditing? A short introduction:

The audit records the status quo of the family and life cycle measures already offered, systematically develops the individual potential of the company/organization and ensures that family awareness is anchored in corporate culture by means of binding target agreements. After successful completion of this process, an independent board of trustees, who are prominently represented with representatives from industry, academia, politics and associations, decides upon the issue of the certificate for the audit. The practical implementation is annually reviewed by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

Certificates for the audit workandfamily were first awarded in 1999. The audit family-friendly university has been offered since 2002.

What follows the first audit?

In the course of two successive re-audits – each after three years – further personnel policy targets can be agreed. This is followed by the dialogue process (for the first time after nine years), which is marked by a quality check.

The re-audits and the dialogue process are increasingly geared to the individual degree of the maturity of the family and life-phase-conscious personnel policy of the organization and place the accent on review and company-specific deepening.

In adapting your special requirements the respective auditing can highlight topics such as:

  • family and life-phase leadership
  • compatibility of work and care
  • health management
  • generation management
  • internationality
  • diversity
  • dealing with different lifestyles

Diagram development prospects

The certificate – quality seal for family- and life-conscious personnel policy

A successful audit will be rewarded with the certificate – the quality seal with a three-year term. With the successful dialogue process, which follows the third audit at the ealiest, the employers receive the certificate with distinction. Since 1998 more than 1,800 employers have been awarded the audit certificate.


What effects do you gain from the audit?

The successful compatibility of work, family and private life results in a clear and noticeable win-win situation.

Employers win

  • positive business effects1
    • lower absenteeism and sickness rates
    • heightened identification, motivation and satisfaction among the employees or the students
    • increased productivity in the workforce
  • improved HR marketing and higher candidate quality
  • retention of professionals
  • increasing employer attractiveness or the attractiveness of the university as a place of work and study
  • answers to the challenges of the workplace such as skills shortage and demographic change

1 Source: Forschungszentrum Familienbewusste Personalpolitik (FFP) 2013

Employees and applicants as well as students gain

  • transparent and reliable offers for better compatibility
  • improved prerequisites which do justice to a job or study as well as family and private life equally and make it worth living
  • an improved working atmosphere and an appreciative work or study environment
  • recognition and consideration of life phases and lifestyles – in terms of higher individualization
  • greater satisfaction in daily work


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